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What is the MCAP Program?

MAP is the acronym that stands for

Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio.

Students can submit their work and

training experience for credit toward

their degree.


B.S. Professional Studies

Through the Assessment Process, Students

can fulfill the admissions requirement of a 

4-year degree, by receiving credit for prior

learning and by attending the prerequisite

training offered by Leadership Logic Consulting

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How much does a MCAP cost?

The MCAP Portfolio processing fee

is $150 per line-item course

submitted for evaluation. 

(i.e. an associates degree, military 

training certificate, industry training, etc.)

What are the Tuition Fees?

Our Degree Program Fees for each student's

MCAP Degree Plan costs varies.

Degree seeking students start their program by submitting their MCAP, and the process of the completion of their degree plan may require attending training through one of our Certified Teaching Alliances, (CTA's) or with an Independent Service Provider, (ISP).

The training programs offered through CTA's or ISP's have their own Tuition Fees, and what the students pay for their independent learning contracts is between them and that organization.

Where can I get additional training?

The AATC University has developed

a growing list of Certified Teaching Alliances that have been evaluated by the AACHE Accreditation Commission.

Independent Service Providers offer quality training programs that AACHE may have nominated for accreditation, or are currently in the process of becoming a Certified Teaching Alliance.

The University may elect to 'Recognize' these organization's training programs as college transfer credit.

(i.e.Critical Facilities Round Table, EGSA Mission Critical Magazine,

7x24 Exchange, AFCOM, Data Center Knowledge, Schneider Electric, Generac, Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU Onsite Energy, ASCO, GE, Toshiba, etc.)

Is AATC University Accredited?

YES! AATC University obtained it's accreditation status from the 

AACHE Accreditation Commission,

and it is petitioning the DOE for Federal Recognition

to be able to reciprocate college transfer to other universities 


AATC is accredited by the Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education to award the Bachelor of Science and Master of Management and Doctoral programs in the Mission Critical Disciplines. Contact the AATC University Registrar to see if the Independent Service Provider is listed on the AACHE Accreditation Commission Directory.


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Chairman of the Board

Flexible Independent Learning Contract that is Life-changing 

How long does it take to get a degree from AATC University?

Typically, our students earn their

 advanced degree within two-years. We can

achieve this through our MCAP Program.




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​​AATC utilizes the  Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio (MCAP)  to help determine applicant eligibility and assist in program placement for all students.


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AACHE and AATC - Seeks Federal Recognition for Accreditation Status

The Board of Regents have determined it is the next appropriate step to continue to follow the guideline authority of the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. (CHEA) Both AACHE and AATC are actively pursuing the Federal Recognition of its schools and program curriculum. To learn more about CHEA click here.

AATC provides our students with the Professional Alliances Collaborative (PAC) Program. This program  is designed to assist students in obtaining their Bachelor of Science program in Professional Studies, or obtain credit toward an advanced program in an expedited manner. The AATC plans to offer five major degree programs: B.S. Professional Studies, Master of Mission Critical in Data Center Leadership, Master of Mission Critical in Data Center Operations, and these programs at the Doctoral level (two distinctions in Leadership & Mission Critical Operations Management, and Executive Leadership). We are presently developing and accrediting new curriculum to expand our degree offerings in several other fields of study, including (but not limited to) Disaster Recovery Operations, Cyber Engineering, Resource Development and Marketing. NOTE: *Degree program fees do not include the cost of graduation, regalia, travel, housing, required books and materials, or other expenses related to attending workshops, classes, forums, or lecture, nor does it include any MCAP PAC associated fees. No refund will be available after 90 days of beginning the program.


M.DCL - Master of Data Center Leadership

M.MCO - Master of Mission Critical Operations

D.DCL -​ Doctor of Data Center Leadership 

D.MCO - ​Doctor of Mission Critical Operations